Dragino LSN50 and STLink

Gustavo FN

Hello everyone,

I noticed the Dragino LSN50 board has been ported to Zephyr and that's pretty cool.

I have one of this board and following the page https://docs.zephyrproject.org/latest/boards/arm/dragino_lsn50/doc/index.html#flashing-an-application-to-dragino-lsn50 they say 'Connect the Dragino LSN50 to a STLinkV2...'.

Since the the board has no dedicated connect to JTAG/SWD, I read the stm32l072cz datasheet and found out the the SWDIO is PA13 and SWCLK is PA14.

I connected these pins at my J-Link Ultra in the following way:
pin 6 -> pin GND
pin 7 -> pin PA13 (SWDIO)
pin 9 -> pin  PA14 
pin 19 -> pin VDD (+3.3V)

And tried to connect the Ozone but it did not work. At Ozone, in J-Link Settings I have the target device: STM32L072CZ, Target Interface: SWD:auto speed and Host Interface: USB.

If someone knows how to connect the LSN50 board and could explain me I'll be very grateful.

All the best,

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