Re: Concurrent TLS and Non-TLS TCP Communication

Lubos, Robert

Hi Erin,


It is be possible to have both, TCP and TLS sockets when CONFIG_NET_SOCKETS_SOCKOPT_TLS option is enabled. Just to be sure, I’ve verified this functionality with current master and echo_server sample; communication over a regular TCP socket even with overlay-tls.conf enabled works fine, same with UDP. Perhaps you could provide some more details or share some code so that we could see what’s happening in your project?





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For a research project I have a need to be able to support both TLS and non-TLS communication in the same application. 
Is there any way to do this within Zephyr?  It seems like once I apply the TLS overlay config, I might not be able to do any non-TLS communication.  When I try to open the simple TCP socket it seems to still go down the code path of calling through the mbed libs.


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