Need help in interfacing ENC28J60 to PCA10056 #nrf52840 #spi



I am trying to interface ENC28J60 module to PCA10056(NRF52840). Below are my pin configurations:

=================    ===================================
NRF52840 PCA10056    ENC28J60 (pin numbers on the board)
=================    ===================================
P0_19                                     SCK
P0_21                                     SO
P0_20                                     SI
P0_03                                     CS
P0_04                                     INT
VDD                                    VCC
GND                                    GND
=================    ===================================

Also, I had cut and connected proper SBs on board to connect ENC28J60 board. After done with the connections part, configurations are done by using menuconfig in dhcpclient application and flashed the software. As a result, it is observed in the console that an IP Address has been generated for the board. But, when tried to ping to that IP, timeout was occurring. Please help us to solve this issue.

Thanks & Regards,
Giri Prasad N.

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