Re: qemu_x86 zephyr bluetooth beacon sample error

Johan Hedberg

Hi Priyanka,

On Tue, Sep 05, 2017, Priyanka Rawat wrote:
While running the bluetooth sample "beacon" for the target qemu_x86,

I get the following error

Starting Beacon Demo

Bluetooth initialized
Beacon started
[bt] [ERR] read_payload: Not enough space in buffer
[bt] [WRN] hci_cmd_done: pool id 1 pool 0x00405098 != &hci_cmd_pool 0x00405078

Is this a known issue? Could someone please tell me the possible cause
of this error and how to fix it possibly? Thanks.
What version of Zephyr is this with? I've noticed that sometimes there
seems to be some garbage data inserted to the virtual UART between
btproxy and qemu, and restarting qemu usually helps with that. I've at
least seen the first error when that happens.


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