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As I can see here, zephyr supports DTLS via mbed DTLS. However,  according this "LWM2M OMA Lightweight Machine-to-Machine Protocol (V1.0 Feb 2017) is supported via the “Register Device” API (Register, De-Register and Update) and has template implementations for Security, Server, Device Management and Firmware objects. DTLS and Bootstrap support are currently not supported. LwM2M client implements the library as an example."

That documentation is out of date.  The LwM2M subsystem supports both DTLS and Bootstrap mode.

I opened a new issue to correct that bit of documentation:

what is the truth?

Also, does zephyr supports 6lowpan? I have not seen anything

Yes, as a matter of fact the following sample documentation for the LwM2M client discuss the DTLS and BLE/6lowpan support:

This is the protocol / subsystem documentation for LwM2M which can also be helpful:

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