"net arp" command displays "ARP cache is empty" even after a series of arpings from peer devices #nrf52480



I have interfaced "ENC28J60" to "PCA10056"(NRF52840) through SPI. Made necessary configurations in order to reflect hardware changes in software. Flashed sample application, "dumb_http_server" to the board. Enabled "ARP" and "ICMP". I am able to ping the board from peer devices in network and vice versa. Also, I am able to "arping" the board from peer devices in network. After this, I have issued "net arp" command in the serial console of the board. By this, I am expecting a list of peer devices to be displayed on the console. But console throws a message saying "ARP cache is empty". Can I know the reason for this behavior? Please let me know, if I was wrong in the process. Also, let me know if more information is needed. Attached configuration file for reference.

Thanks & Regards,
Giri Prasad N.

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