Re: Mesh publish message to proxy node

Johan Hedberg

Hi Venkat,

On 17 Jun 2019, at 16.33, Venkat Rao Vallapaneni <> wrote:
I get messages if the destination address is same as proxy node address (like get the status of light message is received on proxy node notification characteristic).

What if the destination address (publish address) is different than proxy node address? Does Zephyr mesh application sends those messages also to proxy notification characteristic? Or does it send messages that are directed to only proxy node?
That depends on what the publish address is. If it’s a group address then any node that subscribes to this address, including the proxy node, will receive it. If it’s a unicast address it needs to belong to one of the elements on the proxy node. I’m not familiar with the implementation of nRF Mesh, however the proxy protocol has a mechanism through which proxy clients (like nRF Mesh) can inform the proxy server of additional group addresses the client is subscribed to. This way the proxy knows to forward messages to the client even though the destination isn’t a unicast address of the client.


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