Re: flag for board type issue

Marc Herbert

I'm afraid that's the way CMake's cache works:


There are at least two "workarounds":


cmake -Be70build -DBOARD=sam_e70_xplained ...




rm -rf build; cmake -Bbuild ...




From: <users@...> on behalf of KAY LI NG <kayli0109@...>
Date: Monday, 8 July 2019 at 19:41
To: "users@..." <users@...>
Subject: [Zephyr-users] flag for board type issue


Hi there,


I have a question.

I specified the flag for board type to build, it works.

But when i specify the flag for another board type, it still targets to the previous board. 


$ cmake -Bbuild -GNinja -DBOARD=sam_e70_xplained samples/hello_world


$ cmake -Bbuild -GNinja -DBOARD=qemu_x86 samples/hello_world




If i delete the build directory and specified the board type again, it works.

Is that a problem?

Or any other ways to simplify this?



Kay Li



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