Retrieve Mesh Proxy Data Out #bluetoothmesh #nrf52-pca10040 #zephyrbluetoothmesh


I have a proxy node that receives messages from my mesh network, and I'm trying to retrieve the Mesh Proxy Data Out, in order to read mesh messages and in the future use them in an application. I tried to see what was in the Mesh Proxy Data Out by enabling notifications on nRF Connect. My mesh messages are send really often, and yet I receive no notifications on nRF Connect (PC or Android).
I at least want to see the proxy PDU, which appears neither in raw data, nor in the notifcations (since i don't receive any).
Does somebody have an idea of how to retrieve Data Out and/or the proxy PDU?

I have three nodes (0x0001, 0x0002, 0x0003) publishing and subscribing to the group address 0xC000. 0x0001 is my proxy node.

I believe it's some kind of a gatt server I'm looking for, but I would first want to see what data I am receiving / I could receive.


PS : This message was on the devel list but it seems it's more appropriate here.

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