Booting up Zephyr on Arduino DUE

Phatak, Sujit <Sujit.Phatak@...>



I am trying to get Zephyr to boot up and run the samples (Hello World, dining philosophers, synchronization) on the HiFive1_RevB and Arduino DUE. I was able to do it on HiFive1_RevB but NOT on the Arduino DUE. I was able to flash the Arduino DUE using the Bossac tool as documented in the Zephyr docs and the flash process and verification process seems to succeed however, using terminal programs minicom or screen, I don't see any serial output from the Arduino DUE. Also the flash process using bossac is also a bit unreliable (need to hit reset at a precise unknown timing before executing the flash command on ubuntu terminal to initiate the flashing process otherwise ubuntu cannot find anything connected to serial port /dev/ttyACM0 while a standalone ls -l test confirms the board connected). Any ideas I am missing something with the Arduino DUE, thanks.




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