Re: DTLS over CoAP for the Zephyr project

Lubos, Robert



CoAP over DTLS is supported, we just don’t have a straightforward sample of this functionality. For instance, the `lwm2m_client` sample uses CoAP protocol over DLTS (LWM2M uses CoAP internally). For TLS/DTLS communication we have a secure sockets API – the API is similar to the posix sockets API, therefore it’s pretty straightforward to convert socket-based samples to use DTLS instead of UDP for instance.


As for the modules supporting 802.15.4, yes frdm_kw41z is one of them. I don’t know if we provide a complete list of all boards that support 802.15.4, but for sure you can check what drivers are available to have some insight: I personally use `nrf52840_pca10056` for 802.15.4 (I’m a Nordic employee).


As for 802.15.4 base networking, Zephyr provides its own 6lowpan stack (which can be tested with echo samples). You might also be interested in OpenThread, which we support in Zephyr – it’s a 802.15.4 based IPv6 mesh protocol. OpenThread can also be run with the echo samples (the protocol used in the sample depends on what overlay config file you select).





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Thank you for the detailed reply Robert. Thus, as I understand there is no support for CoAP over DTLS at this time. Is it possible to add this functionality in the next commits? Also, for the echo client/server I can see frdm_kw41z.conf in the folder "boards"  which makes me conclude that these samples could be used with this 802.15.4 compatible module. Am I correct? My purpose is to find a 802.15.4 module (i.e. support of O-QPSK with the 6lowpan stack) in order to use CoAP over DTLS and zephyr RTOS

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