Re: NXP FRDM-KW41Z fails to initialize BLE #ble #nxp

David Leach



Bluetooth support in Zephyr for the KW41Z is not support/available.


There is a preliminary PR that I put together that adds support but requires a bit of manual manipulation to pull the KW41Z ble link layer library from the KW41Z sdk on the NXP site. But the PR is out of date and doesn’t work with the current tip. Work is being done to get it up to date but the PR will stay a “do not merge” PR for now.




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I have been trying to get zephyr working on the NXP FRDM-KW41Z board and have been having some trouble with it. It fails right when it attempts to call bt_enable() at the beginning of main and gives me the error "No HCI driver registered". I've tried googling this error message but all that seems to come up is something from 2 years ago that seems to have been specific to arduino board and also seems to have already been fixed. I tried running non BLE demos on the board and those seem to work fine, it seems to be that the ble initialization is the only problem. Does anyone know what might cause this or how to solve this problem?


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