West flashing very large images to nrf52840

Lawrence King

My code has finally grown over 512k. I am programming the nrf52840_mdk board:



When attempting to program the nrf52840 the flash operation fails because the -t parameter emitted by west is incorrect. West flash does the following:

runners.pyocd: pyocd flash -e sector -a 0xc000 -t nrf52 <path>/build/zephyr/zephyr.bin

as you can see west sets “-t nrf52”, this works great as long as you don’t overrun the 512k of code (the nrf52832 limit) into the flash, beyond which pyocd (or nrfjprog) will complain that there is too much code.


West should set the -t parameter to “-t nrf52840” for nrf52840 boards.


Current workaround is to manually run pyocd or nrfjprog with the correct -t parameter.


Lawrence King

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