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eden candelas <e.candelas@...>

Hello, I did modified the example to work as iBeacon ( the version on the example is for an eddystone). Basically you have to update the ad[] struct with the byte array required for the iBeacon spec.

Attached to this mail you will find the main.c that I have been using to test that functionality.


Edén Candelas
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On Wed, Sep 13, 2017 at 4:37 PM, Steve Brown <sbrown@...> wrote:
Has anyone had success with samples/bluetooth/beacon on this device?

Even the nitrogen_beacon.hex file from won't transmit. The
console messages are as expected, but nothing on the air. Same results
on two recent boards from Seeed.

The same .hex file flashed to a redbear ble nano2 does transmit. There
is no console output because a different uart is used, but the beacons
are on the air.

The designation on the nRF52 is N52832/QFAAB0/1616BD. I looked at the
errata and didn't see anything obvious.

I'm waiting for a reply from Seeed as to what they use to test the ble
functionality of the devices before they ship.

As a last resort, I'll try Nordic's SDK and see if I get the same



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