GPIO support on nRF52840 DK

Leonardo Molina <leonardomt@...>

Hello everyone,

Can I access (read/write) a GPIO that is not an LED or button listed in the "Connections and IOs" section of link below?

I read in that page that "Other hardware features are not supported by the Zephyr kernel." but (since I am a newbie in embedded devices) I am not sure if that means that "only buttons 1 to 4 are supported and no other GPIO" or else refers to more abstract features (e.g. Enhanced ShockBurst).

Here's the context of my question:
I am editing the example code samples/basic/button to use a GPIO pin that is different from BUTTON 1, 2, 3 or 4 to trigger the button_pressed callback.

I changed
... to ...
#define PIN 33
and the callback is never called when I toggle the logical state of that pin in the board (from ground to 3.3V nor VDD).

I am not sure if this makes sense if I am using Zephyr, but in the nRF's SDK, GPIO P1.01 of the development board is mapped to 33:
#define ARDUINO_0_PINĀ 

This is my very first question on a public list/forum ever ( far as I recall) so please forgive any mistakes in terms of posting rules, etc.

Thanks for your help!

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