Re: 96boards Nitrogen

Ricardo Salveti de Araujo <ricardo.salveti@...>

On Wed, Sep 13, 2017 at 6:37 PM, Steve Brown <> wrote:
Has anyone had success with samples/bluetooth/beacon on this device?

Even the nitrogen_beacon.hex file from won't transmit. The
console messages are as expected, but nothing on the air. Same results
on two recent boards from Seeed.

The same .hex file flashed to a redbear ble nano2 does transmit. There
is no console output because a different uart is used, but the beacons
are on the air.

The designation on the nRF52 is N52832/QFAAB0/1616BD. I looked at the
errata and didn't see anything obvious.
It is supposed to just work, without any additional changes, so wonder
if this could be hw issues.

Can you check the hw revision for your Nitrogens (should be either
v0.9, v1.0 or v1.1)?

I got several from v0.9 and v1.1 and they are all functional. Just
tested the beacon sample from Zephyr 1.9 and it is working just fine.

Ricardo Salveti

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