Re: GPIO support on nRF52840 DK


This worked, although this pin in particular did not trigger the interrupt function but required calling gpio_pin_read(...) inside a loop to detect changes in its state.
Thanks for the fix and the walk-thru!

What thought process or what resource/documentation makes one realize that pin P1.0 belongs to port DT_ALIAS_GPIO_1_LABEL?

For example, I found that P1.0 (D1) belongs to port "gpio1" by looking at the gpio-map definition in nrf52840_pca10056.dts; as you suggested, generated_dts_board_unfixed.h lists that "GPIO_1" is assigned to DT_NORDIC_NRF_GPIO_50000300_LABEL and finally that DT_ALIAS_GPIO_1_LABEL = DT_NORDIC_NRF_GPIO_50000300_LABEL... but is this the only way to know what's where?


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