Adding SOC EFR32MG13P linking issue

Mariano Izzi <marianoizzi@...>


I'm trying to use Zephyr on a Silabs board already supported (efr32_slwstk6061a) but with a different SOC; the EFR32MG13P.

What I did was copying all the EFR32MG12P related files, renamed them to EFR32MG13P and edited their content (memory size mostly)

Also I created a new board (efr32mg13_slwstk6061a) and add it as an option on all the config files.

Finally I added the lib and hal files for the new SOC.

So far I was able to compile but NOT TO LINK the sample project.
The project with the original board/SOC links fine.

I'm attaching the log, seems to me linker path issue; but I'm new with cmake and don't know how to fix it.

Best Regards,
Mariano Izzi

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