Re: NRF52832 debugging in eclipse #nrf52832 #jlink #debugging #eclipse

Maureen Helm

Does the application work without the debugger attached? (i.e., did it get programmed into flash correctly?)


I’ve seen weird behavior if you leave the GDB client executable at the default. Try changing this so it comes from the Zephyr SDK (or GNU Arm Embedded, if you’re using that toolchain instead).


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i am trying to set up eclipse, gdb and jlink for debugging NRF52832. I am using a PCA10040 board with an integrated Jlink debugger.  I have a simple project with a single main.c file. My prj.conf are:


I configured the debugger in eclipse as shown in the figures:

Unfortunately when I start the debug session the execution stops in the _find_fd_entry:

How to properly configure the debugger for debugging zephyrs applications?

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