Re: [Zephyr-devel] Do not use west v0.6.1; upgrade to v0.6.2

Bolivar, Marti

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Hi Marti,

In spite of the fact that it doesn't cause data loss, it seems
extremely serious, considering that west basically has one job
I agree that it is a serious bug (see "high impact", below), and again,
I'm sorry for the lack of test coverage that led to it happening in the
first place. I'm grateful to the reporter for bringing it up.

Now that the hotfix is out in the 0.6.x branch, I'm going to be adding
regression testing. I do my best to make sure fixes get regression



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West v0.6.1 contains a high impact bug in the "west update" behavior
that is fixed in v0.6.2. Users of v0.6.0 and earlier are not affected.
I was requested to add a link to the bug:

It won't cause data loss, but it will cause west update to fail to check out the correct revision in some cases.


If you are using west v0.6.1 (check with west --version), please
upgrade now using the usual process:


pip3 install -U --user west

macOS and Windows:

pip3 install -U west


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