How to configure BLE scanning for optimal effective time scanning #ble #bluetooth


Hi all,

We are trying to optimise our device for BLE advertisement reception.  We are using Zephyr 1.14 with a nRF52832 module that is configured for up to 4 BLE connections (with our device acting as the peripheral).  The scanning is set as passive and is set for 100% scanning with a interval of 60ms and a window of 60ms.  Also we are not currently using the experimental split controller.

We are also using the default BLE connection perferred parameters:

From what I have read the default Zephyr 1.14 BLE controller doesn't always switch to scanning when not servicing connections or advertising but can be blocked from scanning if a schedualled advertising/connection need conflicts.

Without empirically testing I was wondering if I could get some theoretical tips on what would be a good starting point?


Nick Ward

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