Recursive checkout with West

Jørn Villesen Christensen <extjvc@...>

Hi Zephyr community,

I am a little bit uncertain whether this is the correct list to ask for
help; if not I would appreciate if you could guide me to the correct
place :-)

TLDR: (Current) main question: Is it possible to make West work with
recursive West-based projects? I.e. have a top level project (managed by
West) that has another dependency (Zephyr) that also have a west.yml file?

A little more background:

I am new to Zephyr and to West, but I am working on a project where we
are considering to use both :-) We do have other external dependencies
and we also have a variety of products that a) uses the same
dependencies (drivers, controllers, etc.) and b) may or may not use
Zephyr, or different configurations of Zephyr.

So in a learning step, we tried to make a top level project that would
depend on Zephyr and another project. The intention was just to see how
West and the build system would behave. What happens is that West is
able to check out the project and to download the dependencies in the
top level west.yml. However, it does not download the dependencies of

Is this possible? Or is this really unintended use of West (and Zephyr)?

I have added an example west.yml of what I wanted to do to illustrate
the situation :-)


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