more documentation needed

Stefan Hristozov

Dear Zephyr community,

I very like the zephyr project but I need more documentation in order to get productive with it.

1) Concepts: For me it looks like Zephyr uses some of the Linux concepts. Several good books exists for Linux discussing the kernel, device drivers etc. Which concepts are borrowed form Linux and why? Generally, what concepts does zephyr implement? How an non Linux expert may use those concepts for building high quality embedded software?   

2) Porting to custom boards: The provided documentation [1] is very unclear to me. In the next version of the documentation pages it will be very helpful for me to have a step-by-step tutorial where the migration to a new board is shown, new drivers are included etc.
More specific example: Currently I want to use the Ethernet peripheral of an esp32 chip (board ESP32-POE [2]). Should I write an network interface or device driver? How to add support for that?

3) West, Kconfig and Cmake: I want to understand how west uses the Kconfig and Cmake files to build an executable image.

Thank you!


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