Re: Recursive checkout with West

Bolivar, Marti

Jørn Villesen Christensen via Lists.Zephyrproject.Org
<> writes:

Hi Marti,

Thank you too - and for the links :)

On 16/10/2019 22.43, Bolivar, Marti wrote:
As far as I can tell, the existing proposal described on GitHub
satisfies these requirements:

1. one west.yml
2. it's short
3. you don't have to manually track changes in other west.yml files

I was not aware of this work that you are doing. I only saw the #221
issue (West manifest imports) which (afaIcs) is more about merging
several manifests files rather than the import feature you are

I read your documentation (most of it at least :) ) and it indeed
sounds like the thing I was looking for. So thank you. Would you have
a road map for when this feature would be implemented?

(I tested with my west 0.6.3 and it does not seem to recognize the
import keyword.)
I'm trying to get a beta in people's hands in early November. This will
be available on PyPI, but you will need to manually install a
pre-release version of west with 'pip3 install --pre west' or so to get
it. It's not in 0.6.3.

I want to give it some "soak time" this way before we release an
official version of west with this feature, because it will be harder to
make big changes based on user feedback after that release happens.

I will send mail to the lists with details at that time.

I think your proposal is indeed what I am looking for. Yes, there is a
slight functional difference whether it is recursive or not. I just
assumed recursive would be beneficial / logical, but you made a point
that it might not be what everybody wants. I think for our project the
one-level import may be sufficient. At least for now.
OK, great, that's really good to hear. I hope you will try the
pre-release when it's available and let me know what you think.


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