Re: Ethernet samples/demo

Jukka Rissanen


I have been using sam-e70 with some of the samples, mainly gptp and
echo-server. There have been regressions in past with the networking
samples as currently we have no automatic testing of these samples. The
situation will improve with this PR after it is

If you find some sample that does not work with sam-e70, please file an
issue (one / sample please) for those. All the generic samples that can
be run on Etherhet should work with sam-e70 board.


On Mon, 2019-10-21 at 19:37 -0700, wrote:
Hi all,
Wondering if SAME70 XPLD board has been tested with Ethernet
Networking Samples in the repository.
So far, all the examples that I have tried did not work for me.
Wondering if I am missing something here.


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