Re: Testing Bluetooth with QEMU

Paul Sokolovsky

Hello Priyanka,

On Mon, 18 Sep 2017 09:24:55 +0000
Priyanka Rawat <priyanka.rawat@...> wrote:


When I do "make qemu" : Bluetooth is initialized and Beacon started.
BD address is 00:aa:01:00:00:23 (public).
I can't say much of BT emulation using QEMU - never tried that, but
you should use "make run" instead of "make qemu". It's an oversight
that the latter still works, and at least some issues were spotted
with it:

However, "hciconfig -a" gives

[bt] [ERR] read_payload: Not enough space in buffer

[bt] [WRN] hci_cmd_done: pool id 1 pool 0x00405098 != &hci_cmd_pool
I'd suggest to describe more explicitly where/how '"hciconfig -a"
gives' that: at the Linux console while running the command, in the
Linux syslog, in Zephyr's application console QEMU, etc. (Maybe it's
obvious, but I wouldn't jump to reproduce it with the info given, though
again, I may be biased as I never tried that).

Otherwise, if you don't receive a reply here, can you consider joining
the IRC channel and try to ping @jhe and other Bluetooth folks there?
(I'd hope they read the list, but I sometimes myself skip to check it
for few days.)

Sorry for not bringing more specific answers.



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