Re: Adafruit Trinket M0: west flash > How to? #flash #west

Bolivar, Marti

Hi Yas,

"yasokada via Lists.Zephyrproject.Org"
<> writes:

Dear Marti

Thank you very much for taking your time for this.
From your information, it seems the bossac has "-o" options in source
code, but does not have in binary execution code.
Correct -- where the binary in question is the one provided with the

I would try compiling bossac from source trying that version. Please
consider filing a bug against the Zephyr SDK about the missing option if
that solves your issue.
I will see.

From your information again, it seems the Adafruit Trinket M0 is
It may be unmaintained. I am not sure :).

Updating the SDK somehow broke the condition to compile
and flash the Trinket M0 in current SDK version.
This I'm not sure about either. I don't know if anybody was actively
testing this with the SDK in previous versions. I just meant by this
that if nobody is actively maintaining this, you may have to figure this
issue out for yourself, unfortunately.


I will check how to solve this.

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