Re: SPI2 definition is not found for STM32L476 device tree. How to add?

Yannis Damigos


### How to add?

I may need to add the spi2 definition for STM32L476.

Where should I add the definition?
You don't need to add it. It exists in dts/arm/st/l4/stm32l471.dtsi

A. stm32l4.dtsi
B. nucleo_l476rg.dts> C. <BOARD>.overlay file located in the project directory

I just wonder why there is a definition for SPI2 for the supported board web page, but it is not actually supported by the device tree.
To enable it just add the following in nucleo_l476rg.dts or an overlay file:

&spi2 {
status = "okay";


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