Re: "in-tree" builds > its meaning

Bolivar, Marti


"yasokada via Lists.Zephyrproject.Org"
<> writes:

Application Development
at several lines above the Source Tree Structure ( )

Zephyr does not support “in-tree” builds.
The "in-tree" and "out-of-tree" may be used in linux as being part of the system or not, I think.
Linux kernel: meaning of source-tree, in-tree and out-of-tree ( )

In the above sentence for Zephyr, what does the "in-tree" builds mean?

For example, I guess, the "in-tree" builds means that the build can be performed only partly for some module, not for all the application project.
That is not correct.

Am I mistaken?
An "in-tree" build is when build artifacts (object files, generated
code, etc.) are created in the same directories as the source code. E.g.
if CMake places the object file for zephyr/kernel/init.c in the same
directory (zephyr/kernel), that would be an in-tree build, but that is
not supported by the Zephyr build system.

Zephyr's build system requires "out-of-tree" builds, which means that
the build directory is separate from the source directories.


Thanks in advance

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