Feedback requested on west manifest imports

Bolivar, Marti

Hello Zephyr users and developers,

We've just uploaded a pre-release version of west to PyPI with a new
feature: manifest imports. We would like your feedback!

For a short README you can follow to try it out, see:

This new feature lets you import projects from a west.yml file
somewhere else (like zephyr/west.yml) into your own "downstream"
west.yml file.

The import gives you the zephyr repository and all its modules "for
free": you do not have to copy/paste projects from zephyr/west.yml into
your custom file and manually track changes. You can also add your own
repositories or override individual modules if you've got your own
forks, etc. See the README for links to more information.

Please let us know what you think. We'd like to get feedback before
the west 0.7 release, as making big changes after that time will be
harder to do.


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