Re: NVS on flash with erase page size 64k or larger #nvs

Puzdrowski, Andrzej <Andrzej.Puzdrowski@...>

NVS on flash with erase page size 64k or larger #nvs


Jan 2   


  • Hi there

    > In my application I try to use NVS on an external SPI flash (M25P16) which has an erase page size of 64k.

    > As I realised, NVS seems to have some limit on its maximum sector size of just below those 64k, since the variable storing it is an u16_t.

    > Is there any workaround to get this combination to work anyway, or is even an enhancement planned, to overcome this limit?
    > Since there are still quite a few memories on the market with page sizes exceeding those 64k it might be interesting generally.

    > Thanks and regards.




64k sector is known limitation – it is not planed by us to support more right now. Although a patch witch configurable extension will be accepted.

(a I know the code, it shouldn’t be hard to add such extension).



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