Setting #uart parity to 'even' with #stm32 using device tree #stm32 #uart


Hello all,

I have been doing development with stm32f103 (blue-pill) board - and it has the system bootloader burned in. The bootloader uses settings 115200, 1 stop, even parity [1]. I would like to change my "normal" uart settings accordingly. I tried googling for device tree bindings, but it seems like there is no bindings for parity at device-tree level?

If device tree has no support for parity - i guess it is OK to re-initialize the uart with proper settings in early "application" main() ?

Long story:

I have successfully flashed the device with UART_1 using over wire and wireless. Now final aim is to do firmware upgrade with the system bootloader over bluetooth by connecting HC-05 to the serial port and enter the bootloader programatically (by writing certain value to backup-registers, and checking that value on early boot). It shall require (for simplicity) that "normal mode" and "bootloader mode" shall use same uart settings. I tested that flashing over bluetooth seems to work ( but is painfully slow ).

[1] St / AN3155


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