Help on Devicetree aliases on eclipse #dts #eclipse #nrf52840


Good morning!

I'm a total newbie to Zephyr, learning the basics to implement in a project for an IoT sensor, more specifically IIoT(Industrial IoT). The module I'm using is a NINAB302, which incorporates a NRF52840. I know that Nordic Semi supports the project and that the microcontroller that I'm using is capable of running it. The IDE I'm using is Eclipse with the Zephyr pĺugin for it.

My question is about the Devicetree aliases defines in the C/C++ code for example those in the Blinky example: "DT_ALIAS_LED0_GPIOS_PIN" .
In my that code, eclipse isn't able to find the source of the aliases and freaks out putting red errors all over the place. But when I build the project, none of the errors matter, it builds perfectly and I can even flash the code to the device flawlessly. That's nice and all, but I feel like those defines could be very helpful if I knew where they were and how to use them.

So, how the devicetree aliases defines works? Where are they found? And how can one create their personal defines?

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