Re: Enable traces on Serial Wire Output #debugging

Carles Cufi

+ Erwan, Simen, Krzysztof, Andrzej


As mentioned in an earlier email (to which you replied without context so I had to start a new thread), RTT does work across reboots without problems, at least on Nordic platforms.


You wrote:

> Hi, thanks for your feedback ! I have a STM32F746ZE-based board and using west with jlink runner to flash it. I have the same issue when I reset the target via JLink Commander.


I do not know whether Zephyr does anything at all to the SWO pin connected to the debugger chip, and especially not on an STM32 platform (I copied Erwan who maintains these boards), but I might be wrong.




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I am still struggling to figure out why I cannot keep receiving traces through reboots. On the same dev board with FreeRTOS it was consistent: I was able to log target resets without re-launching swoview.

I don't understand why even with the basics samples (blinky, button, ...) when I reset the target the SWO output is "broken" and I have to launch a new instance of swoview to get traces again. Is it something in the DTS to configure ?


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