Zephyr+BLE dongle: Maping a USB port and full stack inside

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This is my first contact with Zephyr project. My question is about good or wrong direction:
I need a BLE 5 "autonomous" dongle similar to BLED112 BLE 4 one. It maps a USB PORT on the computer and 100% hides BLE stack inside (no need for BLE stack on the host computer).
I have already a nRF52840 dongle. I am aware of the Zephyr HCI_USB sample but that sample warns reader that it needs BLUEZ on the host computer (sure because it needs to "speak HCI with the dongle"). So its seems not the right sample on the one handle but the interesting one in order to change it to reach my objective.
I am asking to experienced Zephyr users and programmers about the good direction, tips...

Thanks you

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