Re: is using of arm toolchain from feasible?

Kumar Gala

No need to worry about dirty, its just because we have our own patches to crosstool-ng.

You can use if you want, take a look here for the instructions on 'GNU ARM Embedded':

On Mar 24, 2020, at 6:29 AM, MaxMn via Lists.Zephyrproject.Org <> wrote:

After installing zephyr-sdk-0.11.2, I checked arm g++ version:
arm-zephyr-eabi-g++ (crosstool-NG 9.2.0
Why "dirty"? Should I worry?

How feasible is it to use the a toolchain direct from (1) when buliding zephyr projects?

More general, why vendors tend to supply their own toolchain builds? (My target is STM32. ST goes way "further" and supplies with their STM32CubeIDE old GNU Tools for STM32 7-2018-q2-update.20190328-1800 7.3.1 20180622 (release) [ARM/embedded-7-branch revision 261907])


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