tracing using HW support (ETM, ARM CoreSight)


Hello all,
We are developing SW for medical devices. Obviously we have specific requirements for code certification - we need to do detailed unit tests, gather Code Coverage, etc. We do this with instruction trace features supported by ETM (embedded trace macrocell) from ARM CoreSight Architecture of Cortex microcontrollers, and TraceData pins for data transmission. This feature is supported by Segger HW debuggers and also by "major" IDEs like Keil's MDK-ARM.
But I have not found any notes about such sort of tracing in Zephyr's docs. Averything I see is discussions about Segger SystemView, RTT console - yes, these are tracing tools, but only SW tracing, with no ETM involvement.

My request is - If someone has any info regarding this matter, namely - how to do this, examples, info, - please share it.

Best Regards,
Roman Fedoryak.

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