The question of nRF52810 support in HCI_UART

Hsu, Hanyu <Hanyu.Hsu@...>

Hi Sir,


We design the nRF52810 in our system, and plans to use BlueZ to control the BLE device.

So, we implement the HCI_UART in nRF52810, but we got link fail when tried to link the peripheral.


We download the zephyr version 2.0.0


Two questions.


  1. As check the github, we found in the /hci_uart/boards, there is no nrf52810_pca10040.conf

Does it mean the nrf52810 not support in HCI_UART example?



  1. In the schematic design, we don’t implement the 32K circuit, so we config the RC setting (500 ppm) in Kconfig and it can run up and communicate w/ the Host CPU through BlueZ.

But we can link fail w/ peripheral device.

For get precision 32K, we modified the 32K setting to synthesized, but we got the hci0 down.

We tried to use nRF52-DK to verify it and we got the same result when 32K setting to synthesized.

The question is does 32K synthesized setting work?



Thank you.



Hanyu Hsu




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