Connect two Zephyr instances via zeth interface

Lei Xu <lei.xu@...>


I'm implementing two zephyr projects in the same host, which will communicate with each other. Then I found the sample code, which shows how to setup two zephyr instances that can communicate via the created zeth interfaces. I have tried exactly what the instruction writes, but it doesn't work when I tried to ping the device in the net-shell. So, could you give me some tips, should I configure anything else in my host? Or may be some necessaries that are missed in the instruction?

Also, as an alternative method, I tried to run script and create a zeth interfaces, in which several IP addresses are added. My question is: is that possible for the zephyr project directly to set the created zeth as the default interface? So that zephyr project can directly use the added IP address.

Looking forward for your reply. Thank you!

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