OTA / DFU Flutter MobileAPp side #nrf52832 #ble #bluetooth #mcumgr


Hi Zephyr developpers !


To sum up i'm using nrf52833 DK, with new ncs sdk.
I can do OTA with mobil App nRFConnect, but not with nRFToolbox.

We want now to code OTA/DFU feature into our own app. I'm using smp_svr example as stater base project.
We found this native code for Android and iOS:



1. Is this code officilly supported by Zephyr community?
2. Is there an official source code for OTA somewhere please ? I search here and on internet but found nothing yet. 
3. Do you plan to publish a Flutter version for OTA that we could use for android and iOS please?



Thanks a lot !

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