How to write a string to serial?

kk <pinganddu90@...>

Hi all

I am new to this mailing list.
I connect my arduino 101 to minicom, I have set the serial port:
    ttyUSB0 8N1
I use the Adafruit 4 pin cable (PL2303)
    black Ground connect GND on arduino 101
    green Receive connect TX->1 on arduino 101
    white Transmit connect  RX->1 on arduino 101
I run the hello_world program:
    make BOARD=arduino_101 flash
everything go well, but I can't see the "Hello World! x86" on the minicom.
I use the BOARD=qemu_x86, I can see the string "Hello World! x86"
So my question is how to write a string to serial?


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