Writing to UART_B of D2000 with Zephyr

MIKHALEV, Vasily <vasily.mikhalev@...>

Dear community,


I am developing for D2000 with Zephyr and  I currently need to be able to write to the UART B and to monitor it.  However, I cannot manage to do it.

For writing to the UAR I am using the function  uart_poll_out(). For example.:


#include <zephyr.h>

#include <uart.h>

#include <device.h>




void main(void)


struct device *dev_b = device_get_binding("UART_1");

uart_poll_out(dev_b, 'b');



After flashing the program to D2000, I set the jumpers J9, J10, J11 in the CTS, TXD and N/C positions, open terminal on the virtual serial port, but it seems that there is no signal – nothing happens when I press the  “reset” button . With the same settings I am able to monitor UART B of D2000 with QMSI.  Also the same code works well for the UART A, e.g.:


void main(void)


      struct device *dev_a = device_get_binding("UART_0");

      uart_poll_out(dev_a, 'a');



Did anyone have the similar issues and was able to solve them?

I would really appreciate your help.


Best regards,



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