Re: USB Questions

Adam Podogrocki

Hi Anton,

regarding point 2 to use the USB device as a console, please add:

samples/subsys/usb/cdc_acm/src/main.c shows that binding is got for "CDC_ACM_0", so check both option at the best.


On Sun, 24 May 2020 at 19:03, <antoker@...> wrote:


I've been testing out Zephyr's USB connectivity options on FRDM-K22F and got some questions:

  1. samples/subsys/usb/console/ compiles and runs okay as long as the USB is connected. If usb is not connected the application will not run, this happens, as I can see it because of flag CONFIG_USB_UART_DTR_WAIT=y. My understanding was that if i compile the app with CONFIG_USB_UART_DTR_WAIT=n the application will run immediately, however after compiling and uploading it to target the USB CDC Serial is not being recognized by the host operating system. Is it all possible to have a console via USB without the DTR flag?
  2. Is it possible to have shell redirected to USB Serial? The documentation is kinda of cryptic regarding this.



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