Full supported 802.15.4 modules (i.e as radio interfaces by zephyr's kernel) #nrf52840

Nikos Karamolegkos

Hello to everyone, in this link1 there is a list with all the modules supported by zephyr. I am interested in 802.15.4 modules that are fully supported by Zephyr's kernel. Based on this discussion and some more research I conclude that the supported modules can be the following:
1) reel board
2) frdm kw41z
3) quark se dev board
4) frdm k64f with the cr20a shield
5) nucleo wb55rg
6) nrf52840 dk

However, the #3 does not exist in the latest zephyr documentation, the #1 and #5 are supported by the kernel only for the Bluetooth radio interface. The #2 according the documentation is not supported for any radio interface although in the fore-mentioned discussion is reported that the user used ping6 and also there is the NXP KW41Z driver in the zephyr/drivers/ieee802154/ folder.  For the #4 the things are almost the same with #2, the only difference is that I can not find in the documentation what radio interfaces are supported. Finally, for the #6 seems that both 802.15.4 and Bluetooth are supported as radio interfaces and also there is the driver in the drivers folder (so is the only option?).

To conclude, what 802.15.4 device should I buy which will be fully supported and tested (the minimum number of bugs)? Are there any other devices? (the driver folder has enough devices)
At this time I have nucleo wb55rg but I don't have enough time to port it into Zephyr RTOS. I need a robust solution to use with 6lowpan stack and lwm2m

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