Re: how to provide own out of tree implementation/replacement of existing driver

Bolivar, Marti


You should be able to just disable the in-tree driver using Kconfig and
use your own out of tree driver.

"Jan Pohanka via"
<> writes:


I would like to use my own implementation of an existing driver. Is
there any way to do that? I have found an amend feature in but I cannot
make it work. If I understand correctly it is intended more to add
some functionality than completely replace.
In my use-case it would be probably easier to use out of tree
implementation for some time than maintain patches for the main tree.
In fact I need just to add support for new soc from the stm32 family
that is not yet in existing drivers (clock, watchdog, ethernet, etc).
Later when our code is polished, I will prepare pull-requests.

best regards

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