Re: Git submodules with West #west

Bolivar, Marti


Right now, the only way to handle submodules with west is the way you're
currently doing it. If you are interested in submitting a PR with
support, I think it'd make sense to add. The only wrinkle is that west
"clones" repositories by combining git init + fetch + checkout instead
of actually running git clone.

"mike via"
<> writes:


I have a Zephyr project set up as a manifest repository, and I'm trying to include a git repository that makes use of submodules.  i.e., I would normally clone this repository with:

git clone --recursive
Is there a way to specify this from west.yml?  I was able to manually add the sub-module by specifying a new project containing the sub-module in west.yml, and using the 'path' specifier to put it underneath the top level git repo.  But, I'm wondering if there's a way to do this without having to manually add all of the sub-modules to west.yml.   Thanks in advance.

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