ODP: Reading data from LSM6DS33 , I2C

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Thank you 🙂 Thanks to your advice I opened this file but I still get error while writing to this file 🙁Do you have any idea why?  I will be very grateful for any help😊

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Did you power up the Accelerometer? You should read the full datasheet, here is what is says about power:


Operating modes

The LSM6DS33 has three operating modes available:

only accelerometer active and gyroscope in power-down

only gyroscope active and accelerometer in power-down

both accelerometer and gyroscope sensors active with independent ODR

The accelerometer is activated from power down by writing ODR_XL[3:0] in CTRL1_XL

(10h) while the gyroscope is activated from power-down by writing ODR_G[3:0] in

CTRL2_G (11h). For combo mode the ODRs are totally independent.


There are a lot of registers (about 60) in this chip, you need to setup the chip before you can use it. Did you set the output data rates? The Fifo? The filters?


Lawrence King

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Subject: [Zephyr-users] Reading data from LSM6DS33 , I2C


Hi 🙂

I want to read some data (axis_X) from accelerometer but I constantly get "0" answer. 


I think my code is fine, but I dont know what could be a reason of my problem


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