SMP Server Sample: Fails to upload over BLE

George Ruinelli

Hi all

I am trying to get the "SMP Server Sample" ( working.

I have a nrf52840dongle_nrf52840 and successfully installed MCUboot (option #2) and the "SMP Server Sample" on it.
I also have a laptop with a built-in BLE radio.
I successfully can test the connection and even list the image:
> mcumgr --conntype ble --connstring ctlr_name= peer_name='Zephyr' echo hello
sudo mcumgr --conntype ble --connstring ctlr_name=peer_name='Zephyr' image list
image=0 slot=0
version: 0.0.0
bootable: true
flags: active confirmed
hash: 37a4a9403fbd0a0336152646947ccce5faf6674e3a29b4220eb2b97a2f613b9d
Split status: N/A (0)

How ever when I try to upload a new image, I run into n error:
sudo mcumgr --conntype ble --connstring peer_name='Zephyr' image upload smp_svr.signed.bin -t 100
0 B / 182.61 KiB [--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------] 0.00%
panic: send on closed channel
goroutine 493 [running]:*Listener).AfterTimeout.func1()
/home/ubuntu/go/src/ +0x64
created by time.goFunc
/usr/lib/go-1.13/src/time/sleep.go:168 +0x44

Any Idea how this can get fixed?


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