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Bolivar, Marti


Some responses inline.

"ahmed.balata via"
<> writes:

I want or create a docker image for Zephyr, I have a script that has
west init /
West Update
west zephyr export
..........and the next steps. While the previous steps are in Dockerfile.

when i use this script as entrypoint, i get these errors
Line 9: West: command not found
Line 10: West: command not found
Line 11: West: command not found
If these are really copy/pasted from the error output, then the problem
seems to be that it should be "west", not "West" -- lowercase "w", that

but if I normally execute the container and then manually execute the
script in the container, I don't get any errors.
The other thing to check is that the west executable installed by pip is
in the PATH. Use "pip3 show -f west" to find these.

So for example:

Location: /foo/lib/python3.8/site-packages

This means west is in
/foo/lib/python3.8/site-packages/../../../bin/west, or


How can i use such script as an entrypoint?
Thank you

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