Re: How to use "Serial CAN Bus Module" #driver #uart #can

Lawrence King

I have used the Longan module with Zephyr on nrf52840. I connected it to a Serial, then modified the Longan library to compile and work under Zephyr.


This isn’t everything you need (missing the .h includes, and the uart1_xx functions) but should get you started.


Lawrence King

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Hi all,

I’m new to zephyr and need some help.

I have a nrf52dk board and want to use this ( ) serial to CAN device. I was able to test this with an Arduino and this library ( ). Now, I’m a bit lost how to use it with Zephyr.
Can I import the arduino library into Zephyr? Or do I need to rewrite the library? Or would it be easier to buy some othe CAN module which is supported by Zephyr?


Thank you!


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